Man’yō Name Apupi
Modern Name
  1. Fuyu’aoi 冬葵(フユアオイ)
  2. Kan’aoi 寒葵(カンアオイ)
  3. Tachi’aoi 立葵(タチアオイ)
  4. Futaba’aoi 二葉葵(フタバアオイ)
English Names
  1. Curly [curled] mallow
  2. Wild ginger
  3. Hollyhock
Scientific Name
  1. F. Malvaceae; Malva verticillata
  2. F. Aristolochiaceae; Heterotropa nipponica; Asarum nipponicum
  3. F. Malvaceae; Althaea [Alcea] rosea
  4. F. Aristolochiaceae; Asarum caulescens
Distribution  Foreign plant introduced to Japan; gardens
Seasonal Association

Poems (1)

MYS XVI: 3834

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