Lady Saishō, from the Sen’yōden

The Sen’yōden 宣耀殿, was one of the builidings in the palace compound, and was one of the buildings holding the living quarters of various imperial consorts. Saishō was apparently as lady-in-waiting there.

2 thoughts on “Lady Saishō, from the Sen’yōden”

  1. There is also a Saishō mentioned in The Pillow Book as a gentlewoman in service to Empress Teishi at around this time; how likely is it that this is the same person? I am not sure how many ladies with relatives in the appropriate post there would have been, nor who occupied the Sen’yōden prior to 995.

    1. The simple answer to this is that it is impossible to tell. The commentaries say that it is possible this is the same woman who was an acquaintence of Sei shōnagon, but equally it could be someone else.

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