Spring I: 23

Left (Win).


osoku toku
ono ga samazama
saku hana mo
hitotsu futaba no
haru no wakakusa
Slow, or distant,
Each has their own
Way to bloom, yet all the flowers
First put forth fresh leaves,
Fresh grasses in the springtime

Lord Sada’ie




iroiro no
hana sakubeshi to
mienu kana
kusa tatsu hodo no
nobe no keshiki wa
In many colours
Will the flowers bloom –
The scene does not seem so,
When just the grass has sprouted
All across the plain…

Lord Tsune’ie


Both teams state that their poems are of the same order.

Shunzei remarks that both poems are in the spirit of the Kokinshū’s ‘In green/The grasses seem as one/When seen in springtime’, and neither has a substantial advantage over the other, except that the Right’s ‘when just the grass has sprouted’ might be an ‘undesirable expression’?

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