The sacred bounds of Ikuta

A reference to the wood surrounding the shrine at Ikuta. Located in what is now Kobe, this was a shrine dedicated to Wakahirume no Kami (稚日女神), the deity of weaving and younger sister of Amaterasu Ōmikami who, according to myth, died when she struck herself on the genitals with a shuttle when starting in surprise at the skin of a piebald colt flung into the sacred weaving hall by Susa no O no Mikoto (素盞鳴尊). This handicap does not appear to have prevented her halting the boat of Empress Jingū in Kobe harbour when returning from a campaign in Korea and demanding the establishment of a shrine to her as the price of passage. The wood around the shrine was well-known and freqently referred to in poetry. More detail on the shrine (in Japanese) and pictures of it can be found here .

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