When he had had a relationship with the Superintendent of the Palace Wardrobe Office for a number of years, he became unable to meet with her and on the final day of the year sent her:


mono omoFu to
suguru tuki Fi mo
siranu ma ni
kotosi Fa keFu ni
Fatenu to ka kiku
In gloomy thought
I’ve passed the days and months
All unknowing; then
That this year on this very day
Will end, I heard.

Fujiwara no Atsutada (906-940)

2 thoughts on “GSS VIII: 506”

  1. It looks like the first line has six morae (the citational と is missing from the romanization). If I understand correctly, the long vowel in 思ふ would be elided when reciting the poem, is that correct?

    1. Thanks for spotting the transcription error – I have corrected it. In answer to your question, I think it would be more likely that the elision would be between the mono and the omoFu, so you would end up with monōmoFu.

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