Man’yō Name Konotegasipa
Modern Name
  1. Hōnoki 朴の木(ホオノキ)
  2. Konotegashiwa 側柏(コノテガシワ)
  3. Ominaeshi 女郎花(オミナエシ)
  4. New leaves of the konara
  5. Hahaso 柞(ハハソ)
  6. New leaves of the nara
English Names
  1. Japanese bigleaf magnolia, Japanese whitebark magnolia
  2. Konara oak
  3. Oak
Scientific Name
  1. F. Magnoliaceae; Magnolia obovata
  2. F. Fagacaeae; Quercus serrata
  3. F. Valerianaceae; Patrinia scabiosifolia
  4.  –
  5.  –
  6.  –
Distribution Native to China; cultivated in Japan
Seasonal Association
There are significant disagreements over the interpretation of this term, with some scholars regarding it as an equivalent for the generic expression for oak (hahaso), or referring to new leaves growing on specific types of oak tree. Other scholars, however, do not regard it as referring to oaks at all, but widely differing plants. There is evidence for both interpretations in the poems, as in MYS XVI: 3826 the konotegasipa is used for an image of old age in Nara, which is often associated with oaks, while in MYS XX: 4387, it is a metaphor for a young woman the poet has had to leave behind.

Poems (2)

MYS XVI: 3836 MYS XX: 4387

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