KKS XII: 593

Topic unknown.


yoFi yoFi ni
nugite wa ga nuru
kakete omoFanu
toki no ma mo nasi
Night after night
I remove, before I sleep,
My hunting robe
And hang it up-and my thoughts
Are ever hung on you.


2 thoughts on “KKS XII: 593”

  1. Hi, I have a question,
    Are you sure about the part in japanese ” わがぬる”
    isn’t it” わがぬるる”?
    Thanks for your enlightening.
    Best regards

    1. Thank you for your interest in the site.

      To answer your question, わが寝(ぬ)る is correct. In premodern Japanese the verb 寝(ぬ) ‘sleep’ is a member of the lower-bigrade (下二段) conjugation and has the following forms: ne (ね)・ne (ね)・nu (ぬ)・nuru (ぬる)・nure (ぬれ)・neyo (ねよ). These would be used in, for example: ne-zu (‘I do not sleep’); ne-te (‘I slept, and then…’); nu (‘I sleep’)’; nuru (‘which I sleep’); nure-ba (‘when I sleep’); and neyo (‘Go to sleep!’).

      In my translation, I have followed the order in which the images are presented in the poem, rather than the grammatical structure of the original. A closer version of nugite wa ga nuru karigoromo would be ‘my hunting robe, which I have removed and go to sleep’, but I rejected that as I wanted to follow the image order rather than the grammar.

      Hope that helps!

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