Man’yō Name Omopigusa
Modern Name
  1. Nanbangiseru 南蛮煙管(ナンバンギセル)
  2. Rindō 竜胆リンドウ
  3. Tsuyukusa 露草ツユクサ
  4. Ominaeshi 女郎花
  5. A plant growing in the shade of another
English Names
  1. Forest Ghost Flower
  2. Gentian
  3. Dayflower
  4. Valerian
  5.  –
Scientific Name
  1. F. Orobanchaceae; Aeginetia indica
  2. F. Gentianaceae; Gentiana scabra var. buergeri
  3. F. Commelinaceae; Commelina communis
  4. F. Valerianaceae; Patrinia scabiosifolia
Distribution  Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu
Seasonal Association

Poems (1)

MYS X: 2270

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