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Autumn I: 9

Left (Tie).


tanabata wa
kyō kasu koto wa
nani narade
au ni nomi koso
kokoro hikurame
For the Weaver Maid
That this day the zithers play
Means nothing;
‘Tis her meeting, alone,
That plucks upon her heart.

Lord Ari’ie.


Right (Tie).


takimono no
nioi mo kashitsu
tanabata ni
omou omoi o
sora ni shire tote
Scent I proffer
To the Weaver Maid;
The burning thoughts within my heart,
Let it carry to the heavens!

Lord Takanobu.


The Right state that ‘the expression “alone” (nomi) in Left’s poem is grating,’ while the Left have no particular criticisms of the Right.

Shunzei simply remarks, ‘The Left has a zither plucking the heart; the Right, the scent of burning incense carrying thoughts. Equally good word association. A tie.’