Winter II: 29

Left (Win).


kore ya kono
miyo no hotoke mo
morobito mo
na o arawashite
akuru shinonome
Is it now that with
The three worlds’ Buddhas’ and
The many folks’
Names announced
Dawn touches the eastern sky?

Lord Kanemune.




fuyu fukaki
ariake no tsuki no
akekata ni
nanorite izuru
kumo no uebito
In the depths of winter
When the moon to dawn
Brings brightness
They give their names and depart –
Those folk above the clouds…

Lord Takanobu.


The Gentlemen of the Right state: we find no faults in the Left’s poem. The Gentlemen of the Left state: the Buddhas’ names are recited at other times than the Ceremony of Reciting the Buddhas’ Names. In response: recitation of the names at around the twentieth day of the Twelfth Month is the Buddhas’ Names ceremony.

Shunzei’s judgement: that the Left’s poem has no faults, the Right have already said. Is the courtiers giving their names and leaving with the dawn reminiscent of the Buddhas’ names ceremony? It seems to be drawing on that old song, ‘when the dawntime moon brings brightness, announcing his name on leaving, is the cuckoo!’ The faultless poem wins.

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