KKS XVI: 861

Composed when he was ill and growing weaker.


tuFi ni yuku
miti to Fa kanete
kinoFu keFu to Fa
omoFazarisi wo
In the end, we all set foot
Upon the path-many times before
I have heard tell, yet
That it should come upon me now-
I never did believe.

Ariwara no Narihira

One thought on “KKS XVI: 861”

  1. I found this poem by Narihira on a bus many years ago. I think I may have kept the original poster but it has gotten damp through all the moves and years. Where can I get a relatively small (8 x 10) copy of this poem with the Kanji, romanji and English?
    Thank you for all your research and translation.
    I got the marvelous opportunity to live in Japan back in the 70s during my military service. My heart is still there. It was the greatest time in my life.

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