Winter I: 18

Left (Tie).


hana wa nao
sono sugata tomo
kareno wa mushi no
koe zo koshiki
The blossoms are still
By their simple shapes
Revealed, but
On this withered field the insects’
Cries are what I miss…

Lord Kanemune.




aki no iro no
utsurou nobe o
aware wa karenu
mono ni zo arikeru
Autumn’s hues
Have faded from this field
I see, but
My sorrow is something



The Right state that they are unable to understand [kokoro yukazu] the usage of ‘revealed’ (miewakaru) in the Left’s poem. The Left find no faults in the Right’s poem.

Shunzei’s judgement: The Left’s use of ‘revealed’ sounds appropriate [yoroshiku kikoehaberu] in this poem, and ‘on this withered field the insects’ (kareno wa mushi) is most tasteful [yū ni koso haberumere]. The conception of the Right’s ‘Autumn’s hues have faded from this field’ (aki no iro no utsurou nobe) where ‘sorrow is evergreen’ (aware wa karenu) is most moving, indeed; the Left, too, has a find conclusion to their poem, and so with both being heartfelt [kokoro utsurite], the round should tie.

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