Winter I: 19

Left (Win).


kaze samumi
kyō mo mizore no
furu sato wa
yoshino no yama no
yukige narikeri
A chill breeze brings
Sleet, today,
Falling as on the ancient estate on
Yoshino mountain
Did snows fall once…

A Servant Girl.




arashi fuku
konoha kokimaze
mizore furi
yama no oku kana
The storm wind blows
Leaves mixed in with
Falling sleet;
How lonely it is
Here within the mountains…



Neither team finds any fault with the other’s poem this round.

Shunzei’s judgement: The Left’s ‘Sleet, today, falling as on the ancient estate’ (kyō mo mizore no furu sato wa), preceding ‘on Yoshino mountain did snows fall once’, reflects the conception of ‘Where once I lived, to the mount of Yoshino was so close’ (Furusato Fa yosino no yama si tikakereba) and seems splendid [ito yoroshiku miehabere]. The Right’s ‘How lonely it is here within the mountains’ (sabishikarikeru yama no oku kana) as a final section is most acceptable in terms of style [mottomo shokisubeki no tei], but the initial ‘leaves mixed in’ (konoha kokimaze) sounds as if this had been done with some human hand. Thus, the Left with matched initial and final sections, must win.

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