Man’yō NameAkane
茜草 茜 赤根 安可禰(あかね)
Modern NameAkane
English NameMadder
Scientific NameF. Rubiaceae;
Rubia akane; R. cordifolia var. mungista
DistributionHills and hedgerows in Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu
Seasonal Association
The principal usage of the  akane was for the production of red dye, made from the plant’s roots. As a result, its use in poetry is solely in the makura kotoba, akane sasu (‘shining madder red’), with the reference being to the dye’s colour, rather than the plant itself.

Poems (13)

MYS I: 20
MYS II: 169
MYS II: 199
MYS IV: 565
MYS VI: 916
MYS XI: 2353
MYS XII: 2901
MYS XIII: 3270
MYS XIII: 3297
MYS XV: 3732
MYS XVI: 3857
MYS XIX: 4166
MYS XX: 4455

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