Autumn I: 16



yoi no ma no
tsuki matsu hodo no
kumoma yori
omowanu kage o
misuru inazuma
In the early evening
While waiting for the moon,
From between the clouds
All unexpected is the light
Of lightning.

Lord Suetsune.


Right (Win).


kagerō yoi no
kumoma yori
hikari o kaete
terasu inazuma
The evening moon
Misty is at dusk, when
From between the clouds
Comes a different light:
A flash of lightning!

The Provisional Master of the Empress’ Household Office.


Neither team finds any fault with the other’s poem this round.

Shunzei, however, says, ‘Both poems contain the line “from between the clouds” (kumoma yori), with the Left “while waiting for the moon” (tsuki matsu hodo) and the Right “The evening moon misty is at dusk” (yūzukuyo kagerō yoi). In addition to the fact that “misty” is far more charming in relation to an “evening moon”, than “waiting for the moon”, “all unexpected is the light” (omowanu kage) is not an expression I find particularly pleasing. “Comes a different light” (hikari o kaete) seem much finer. Thus, I make the right the winner.’

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