Ise Monogatari, Chapter 10

Long ago, a man went wandering in the province of Musashi. And, in that province lived a certain lady. Her father thought to match her with a common man, but for her mother, only a man of the highest rank would do. Her father was a man of low rank, but her mother was of the Fujiwara family. Thus it was that she wanted a man of high rank for her daughter. So, she composed a poem and sent it to the man. They lived in the district of Iruma on the Miyoshino estate.


miyosino no
tanomu no kari mo
FitaFuru ni
kimi ga kata ni zo
yoru to naku naru
In fair Yoshino,
Even the geese upon the rice fields,
For you do
Yearn and cry.

The man replied:


wa ga kata ni
yoru to naku naru
miyosino no
tanomu no kari wo
ituka wasuren
For me
Yearning and crying
In fair Yoshino
The geese upon the rice fields:
Can I ever forget them?

In the provinces they have still not ceased to do such things.

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