Sanekata Shū 221

In Michinoku, after my wife had died, I wrote this when Tsutsugimi put on trousers for the first time.


inisiFe wo
keFu ni aFasuru
mono naraba
Fitori Fa tiyo wo
If she, now gone,
To meet with this day
Had been able,
Alone, for a thousand years of health
I would not be praying…

2 thoughts on “Sanekata Shū 221”

  1. Is the headnote a reference to the 袴着•はかまぎ ceremony? If so, would put Tsutsugimi’s age at 5 at the time of this poem?

    1. Between 5 and 7 – given the dearth of information about Tsutsugimi, it is impossible to be any more definite than that.

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