KKS IV: 170

Composed on the first day of autumn, when he went on a pleasure trip to the Kamo River with some courtiers.


kaFakaze no
suzusikumo aru
nami totomoni ya
aki Fa taturan
The river wind
Bears a chill;
With the rushing
Waves, does
Autumn also arise?

Ki no Tsurayuki

KKS III: 167

When a servant was sent over from the neighbouring house with a request for some flowering pinks, he was reluctant, composing this poem sent it back.


tiri wo dani
suwezi to zo omoFu
sakisi yori
imo to wa ga nuru
tokonatu no Fana
Not even dust
May touch them, I feel,
Since they’ve bloomed,
Where my love and I bed down
On pink coverlets of flowers.