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KKS XIX: 1067

Composed on the topic of monkeys howling from the mountain passes on a day when the Cloistered Emperor had gone to the Western River.


wabisira ni
masira na naki so
asiFiki no
yama no kaFi aru
keFu ni ya wa aranu
So sadly,
O Monkeys, howl not!
The mountain valleys are, yet
Today, there is no point!


KKS I: 67

Composed and sent to someone who had come to see the cherry blossoms blooming at his house.


wa ga yado no
Fanami ga tera ni
kuru Fito Fa
tirinamu noti zo
To my home
For blossom-viewing
Folk come, but
After they have scattered
How fond of them I am!

Ōshikōchi no Mitsune