Autumn III: 1



tokiwa no
shigemi o somuru
tsuta no iro no
shita momiji ya wa
The evergreen
Profusion is dyed
By the ivy’s hues:
Were it not,
Would not the under-leaves turn scarlet?

Lord Ari’ie.




chiranu yori
momiji ni tadoru
yamaji kana
iwane no tsuta ya
iro kawaruramu
Not yet fallen are
The scarlet leaves – to track
Along the mountain paths,
Does the ivy at the rooted crags
Change its hue?



The Right state that by continuing with ‘Profusion is dyed’ (shigemi o somuru) it sounds as if it is the evergreens themselves which are taking on autumn colours. The Left merely remark that saying ‘track’ (tadoru) is difficult to comprehend [kokoroegatashi].

Shunzei’s judgement: Is the Left’s poem that bad [ashiku ya wa], given that ‘Profusion is dyed’ is followed by ‘the ivy’s hues’ (tsuta no iro no)? The final section, though, is lacking and seems rather vague. I, too, wonder about the use of ‘track’. The round ties.

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