Love I: 8

Left (Win).


hito shirenu
omoi wa fukaku
iro ni idenu wa
kai nakarikeri
Unknown to all
My feelings deeply
Dyed my heart, yet
No hues on the surface showed for
Pointless it was…

Lord Kanemune.




koishisa o
ika ni shite ka wa
ware yori hoka ni
shiru hito wa nashi
My longing:
Is there any way
To soothe it?
For other than me
There is not one person knows it…

Lord Tsune’ie.


The Gentlemen of the Right: the Left’s poem lacks thought; the Gentlemen of the Left: the Right’s poem is mundane.

Shunzei’s judgement: Both Left and Right seem smooth. I wonder what you mean by saying the Right’s poem is ‘mundane’? Still, the Left’s ‘Dyed my heart, yet no hues on the surface showed’ (somuredomo iro ni idenu wa) is elegant, indeed! It should win.

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