Love II: 23

Left (Tie).


asu yori nochi no
kokoro kana
narete kanashiki
Unendurable will be
Tomorrow, and then
To my heart henceforth
Kindness brings sorrow
Or so I feel…

Lord Sada’ie




aimite wa
mazu to omoishi
koto no ha ni
kokoro no tsuyu ni
nao omoki kana
A meeting and the sight of you:
My heart thought
That I would speak, yet
Dew falls on my heart,
Growing ever heavier.



The Gentlemen of the Right state: the initial section of the Left’s poem sounds poor. The Left state: the sense of ‘dew falls on my heart’ (kokoro no tsuyu) in the Right’s poem is unclear.

Shunzei’s judgement: the Left’s ‘kindness brings sorrow’ (narete kanashiki) seems little different from ‘The full extent of our love was this night alone’ (koi no kagiri wa koyoi narikeri) in an earlier poem. The Right’s poem ‘dew falls on my heart’ ‘growing ever heavier’ (nao omoshi) sounds charming, but ‘A meeting and the sight of you: my heart thought that I would speak’ (aimite wa mazu to omoishi koto no ha) is somewhat unclear. I do, indeed wonder about the initial section of the Left. Again, the round ties.

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