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mata kono koro ya
ushi to mishi yo zo
ima wa koishiki
Should long be my life, then
Once more, these days
Might I remember fondly?
The world I saw as cruel
Now dear to me, indeed…[i]

Lord Kiyosuke

A kuzushiji version of the poem's text.
Created with Soan.

[i] This poem is also listed in Kiyosuke’s personal collection, Kiyosuke-shū (400), with the headnote ‘Sent to the Sanjō Minister of the Centre when he was Middle Captain, at a time I was recollecting bygone days’ (Shinpen kokka taikan henshū iinkai 1987, 496.). The Sanjō Minister of the Centre was Kiyosuke’s cousin, Sanjō Kinnori 三条公教 (1103-1160), who held the position of Middle Captain of the Inner Palace Guards, Left Division between the Fourth Month, Daiji 5 [May 1130] and the Eleventh Month, Hōen 2 [November 1136], dating this poem to that period.

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