Love I: 21



mizu mo arazu
mi mo senu naka no
yue ni dani
hito wa omoi no
tukanu mono ka wa
‘Not unseen
Yet not seen’
Is enough;
But what, then,
Of my thoughts for you?

Lord Kanemune.


Right (Win).


mireba keni
nakanakani tote
nao omokage no
hanarubeki kawa
Having met you
Cruel you may be but
Still your face
Stays with me always…



The Right find no fault with the Left’s poem, but say that it is commonplace [mezurashikiniarazu]. The Left mention that it is difficult to hear the 5-7-7 pattern at the beginning of the Right’s poem.

Shunzei’s judgement: ‘The Left’s poem follows one from The Tales of Ise. The gentlemen of the Left have remarked that the Right’s mireba keni is difficult to understand. Keni is certainly standard poetic diction. The total conception [kokoro] of the poem is extremely difficult to grasp [ito kikiwakarenu sama], but in terms of total configuration [uta sugata] it is superior.’

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