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SKKS IX: 879

Composed when he set out on a pilgrimage.


sadame naki yo no
hakanasa ni
itsu o mate to mo
e koso tanome ne
I thought to do it, but
In this uncertain world
So fleeting
Asking you to wait for me
Is something I could never do…

Chief Priest Gyōson

KYS IX: 587

Gyōson had been wandering the land for many years honing his ascetic skills when he came to Kumano to join in a test of faith. Lord [Fujiwara no] Suke’ie came to view the ceremony and saw him there, but because he was extraordinarily thin and frail and had completely changed his appearance, did not recognise him, and said to the monk next to him, ‘What manner of man is that? He seem amazingly enlightened!’ Hearing this, Gyōson composed:


kokoro koso
yo wo ba sutesi ka
maborosi no
sugata mo Fito ni
In my heart
I have left the world behind, yet
Even as a phantom
Figure, folk have
Forgotten me, it seems.

Archbishop Gyōson