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SIS XVII: 1093

When the Monk Shakushō (d. 1034) went over to China, boarding a ship on the Seventh Day of the Seventh Month, Kintō sent him this poem:


ama no kaFa
noti no keFu dani
Farukeki wo
itu to mo siranu
Funade kanasi na
The great River of Heaven
Divides them ’til this day next year,
Far distant;
But we-I know not when-so
This sailing brings grief, indeed.

Assistant Commander of the Bodyguards of the Right [Fujiwara no] Kintō (996-1041)

SIS XVII: 1091

From a folding screen at the Ninna period (885-889) court: a woman bathing in a river on the Seventh Day of the Seventh Month.


midu no aya wo
oritatite kimu
tanabatatume ni
koromo kasu yo Fa
The pattern of the waters
Is woven in your garb;
Strip it off
And to the Weaver Maid
Lend your dress tonight.

Taira no Sadafun