Winter I: 30

Left (Win).


serikawa no
nami mo mukashi ni
miyuki taesenu
saga no yama’arashi
Seri River’s
Waves, too, in ancient times,
Would rise and fall;
A Progress as endless as
The storm winds on Mount Saga.

A Servant Girl.




miyuki seshi
nobe no furumichi
ato taesenu wa
serikawa no mizu
A progress passed
Across the plain’s old trails,
Well trod,
The traces will endure
As do the waters of Seri River…

Lord Takanobu.


Neither team finds any fault this round.

Shunzei’s judgement: Both poems have the conception [kokoro] of ‘Seri River’ (serikawa) and ‘endless Progress’ (miyuki taesenu), and there is not much between them in terms of winning or losing, but the Left’s ‘storm winds on Mount Saga’ (saga no yama’arashi) seems to blow a bit more strongly today!

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