Winter I: 7

Left (Win).


samazama no
hana o ba kiku ni
kakine ni shiranu
shimogare no koro
Of all the many
Flowers, the chrysanthemums
Alone are last;
I knew not they were by the fence, and
Now burned by frost…

A Servant Girl.




utsurou ka
mata saku hana mo
naki hana to
kiku ni mo sometsu
fukaki kokoro o
Is it their changing hues?
Later blooming flowers
Are there flowers none, so
The chrysanthemums stain
The depths of my heart…

Lord Takanobu.


The Right state that the Left’s poem is difficult to understand, and that it would have better to have had ‘unknown to all’ (shirarenu) in place of ‘I knew not’ (shiranu).The Left state that the ‘diction of the Right’s poem does not flow smoothly’ [kotoba, todokohoritari].

Shunzei’s judgement: The Left’s ‘alone at last’ (waketomete) is something I wonder at the meaning of, however, the final section is excellent [yoroshiku haberubeshi]. The Right’s poem appears to express the conception [kokoro aru yō ni wa haberu o], but due to the dual use of ‘flowers’ (hana), ‘chrysanthemums’ (kiku) are reduced to a hidden topic [kakushidai naru yō naru], and this sounds insufficient. The Left wins.

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