Spring III: 19

Left (Win).


yamabuki no
hana no sakari ni
narinu to ya
ori shirigao ni
kawazu nakuran
Golden kerria
Blooms their peak
Have reached, so
Seeming to know the season
Do the frogs sing on.

Lord Suetsune.




tanimizu no
iwa moru oto wa
sudaku kawazu no
koe nomi zo suru
Waters in the valley
Soak the rocks – the sound
Swallowed by
Swarming frogs’
Singular songs.



Both teams say that they consider the other’s poem to be ‘trite’ [kyūbutsu] this round.

Shunzei’s judgement: The Left’s poem certainly certainly has a conception [kokoro] which one is well-accustomed to hearing, but I am unable to recall exactly where. In form it is well-constructed [utazama yoroshikuhaberubeshi]. The Right’s initial “Waters in the valley soak the rocks – the sound swallowed” (tanimizu no iwa moru oto wa uzumorete) is excellent [yū], but the latter part is definitely old-fashioned [furite]. Thus, the Left must win.

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