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SKKS I: 55

Composed on the obscured moon, not shining yet not clouded, as in the ‘Spring night in Jialing’section of the Bai Shi Wenji.


teri mo sezu
kumori mo hatenu
haru no yo no
oborozukiyo ni
shiku mono zo naki
Not shining
And yet not covered by cloud-
On a night in spring
The misty moon
Is beyond compare.

Ōe no Chisato

KKS V: 271

A poem from the poetry competition held by Her Majesty, the Empress, in the Kanpyô period.


uFesi toki
Fana matidowo ni
arisi kiku
uturoFu aki ni
aFamu to ya misi
From planting time
Did I eagerly await
These chrysanthemums here:
That they would fade with autumn’s passing
Did I think it then…

Ōe no Chisato