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KKS XX: 1086

A sacred poem:


aFumi no ya
kagami no yama wo
kanete zo miyuru
kimi ga titose Fa
In Omi
Mirror Mountain
Has been raised high
To show us all
Our Lord will live a thousand years!

This was an Omi song performed at the Daijōsai of the Present Emperor [Daigo (885-930; r. 897-930)].

Ōtomo no Kuronushi

KKS XIV: 735

When it had become difficult to meet with a lady whom he had been seeing in secret, he went to the area near her house and walked about. Hearing a goose cry, he composed this poem and sent it to her.


omoFi idete
koFisiki toki Fa
Fatukari no
nakite wataru to
Fito sirurame ya
Lost in memories
Of our time of love,
As the first goose
I wander weeping;
I wonder if you know?

Ōtomo no Kuronushi