Love I: 19



nakanaka ni
mirume bakari wa
tsui ni aumi no
umi to tanomeyo
‘Tis not enough to
Merely catch a glimpse of you;
‘Tis hard, but
Finally for a meeting
By the sea must be my hope.

Lord Ari’ie.


Right (Win).


isaribi no
honomiteshi yori
koromode ni
isobe no nami no
yosenu hi zo naki
Since by fisher fires
Dim light I glimpsed you,
Upon my sleeves
Waves upon a rocky shore
Have broken, every day.

Lord Tsune’ie.


Both teams say the other team’s poem sounds ‘extremely cliched’ [furikusaritari].

Shunzei’s judgement: ‘The gentlemen of both sides have stated that the opposing poem sounds clichéd. This is, indeed, a most perceptive judgement! Poems which use non-standard poetic diction [utakotoba ni mo aranu utadomo] often sound clichéd, do they not? However, given that the Left concludes ‘for a meeting by the sea must be my hope’ (aumi no umi to tanomeyo), it was unnecessary to mention mirume being difficult to obtain. Simply saying that it would be ‘absent’ [nashi] is what would be clichéd, surely? In any case, isaribi seems slightly superior.

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