Spring 5

Left (Tie).


toyama tote
yoso ni mo mieji
haru no kiru
koromo katashiki
nete no asake wa
The mountains outside my door,
Unseen from afar
Wear their spring
Garb: in a single layer of haze
They slept, this dawning.




haru no yo no
yume no ukihashi
mine ni wakaruru
yokogumo no sora
On a night in spring
The floating bridge of dreams
Does break, and
Parting from the peaks
Are lines of cloud across the sky.


2 thoughts on “Spring 5”

  1. Your translation works of Teika’s Waka are highly appreciated. It is quite interesting to read them.
    By the way I found that in the No.9 poem there is a mistake in choosing Chinese character of “spring season” just for your reference…

    1. Many thanks for your comment. I have checked against a couple of other sources and made a change to the Japanese text of the poem. Thank you for noticing this.

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