Spring III: 24

Left (Tie).


morogoe ni
itaku na naki so
samo koso wa
ukinu no ike no
kawazu naritomo
O, that in such a chorus
They would not sing!
However much
A swamp the pond of
Frogs may be!

Lord Kanemune.


Right (Tie).


yo to tomo ni
nami no shita nite
naku kawazu
nani yue fukaki
urami naruran
With nightfall from
Beneath the wavelets
Call the frogs;
For what are such depths
Of despair…

Lord Takanobu.


Once again, neither team has anything special to say this round.

Shunzei’s judgement is, ‘Both poems are similar in expression, mentioning “frogs” (kawazu), “swamp” (ukinu) and “depths of despair” (fukaki urami). The round should tie.’

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