Summer II: 5

Left (Tie).


nara no hakage no
sateshimo karoki
natsugoromo kana
Entering within
The oak leaves’ shade,
Layer upon layer;
Still, how light
Is my summer garb!

Lord Sada’ie.


Right (Tie).


hana no iro no
sode wa kasaneshi
mono naredo
hitoe ni oshiki
semi no hagoromo
Cherry blossom hued
Sleeves lay one upon the other
And yet now,
A single, deep regret:
For the cicada’s gossamer garb…

The Provisional Master of the Empress’ Household Office.


Neither team has any criticisms to make this round.

Shunzei merely remarks, ‘The Left’s poem has “still, how light” (sateshimo karoki) and the Right’s “sleeves lay one upon the other and yet now” (sode wa kasaneshi mono naredo): both of these are only close to the topic, I feel. The round ties.’

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