Autumn II: 13

Left (Tie).


yamada moru
suko ga naruko ni
kaze furete
tayumu neburi
odorokasu nari
Guarding the mountain fields,
To the watchman the bird-clapper’s sound
Is carried by the wind,
And from his idle doze
He starts awake!

Lord Ari’ie.


Right (Tie).


fuku ori wa
naruko no oto mo
kaze no morikeru
yamada narikeri
When the wind blows
The bird-clapper’s sound
Is ceaseless;
It is the wind that’s watching
O’er the mountain fields.

Lord Tsune’ie.


The Right find no fault with the Left’s poem this round. The Left merely state that the first line of the Right’s poem is ‘weak’.

Shunzei’s judgement: In the Left’s poem, the emotional overtones of ‘idle doze’ (tayumu neburi) do not match those of ‘watchman’ (suko). Perhaps, instead, it was and old man doing the guarding? As for the Right’s poem, saying ‘when the wind blows’ (fuku ori wa) is weak is an understatement, indeed, and yet it is impossible to award ‘idle doze’ the victory. The round must tie.

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