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KKS XI: 470

Topic unknown.


woto ni nomi
kiku no siratuyu
yoru Fa okite
Firu Fa omoFi ni
aFezu kenubesi
Only a rumour do I
Hear: the chrysanthemum’s white dewdrops,
Fall at night (I lie awake),
And with the day’s weight of sun (laden with thoughts of you am I),
Cannot endure and is gone (as will I be, lest we meet).

The Monk Sosei

KKS V: 309

Composed at Kitayama, when he had gone mushroom-picking there with Archbishop Henjô.


momidiba Fa
sode ni kokiirete
aki Fa kagiri to
mimu Fito no tame
Scarlet leaves
I would pack within my sleeves
And venture out – then when,
‘Autumn is done!’
Is in folks’ thoughts, there they’d be…

The Monk Sosei

KKS V: 293

Composed to accompany a painting of autumn leaves flowing along the Tatsuta River on a folding screen, when the Nijō Empress was known as the Mother of the Crown Prince.


momidiba no
nagarete tomaru
minato ni Fa
kurenawi Fukaki
nami ya taturan
These autumn leaves
Flowing, will come to rest
At the harbourside: will
Deep scarlet
Waves break there, I wonder?


KKS V: 273

Composed on a picture of a man making his way through chrysanthemums, going to a wizard’s palace in the moutains.


nurete Fosu
yamadi no kiku no
tuyu no ma ni
itu ka titose wo
ware Fa Fenikemu
Drenched, then drying
On this mountain path with chrysanthemum
Dewdrops—in that little space
Has, somehow, a thousand years
Passed me by?

The Monk Sosei

KKS IV: 244

A poem composed at a poetry competition held by Her Majesty, the Empress, during the Kanpyô period.


ware nomi ya
aFare to omoFan
naku yuFukage no
yamato nadesiko
Is it only I
Who loves it so?
Chirping in the evening shadows
On the wild pinks.

The Monk Sosei