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MYS VI: 919


waka nö ura ni
sipo mitikureba
kata wo nami
asibe wo sasite
tadu nakiwataru
Off the beach at Waka
With the rising tide
The sandbanks vanish and
Plunging to the reedbeds
The cranes fly over, calling.

The above poems were undated. It is said, however, that Lord Yamabe accompanied the imperial party on a visit to Tamatsu Island. The date of this excursion has been given.

MYS VI: 917

A poem by Akahito, Lord Yamabe, composed on an imperial visit to the province of Ki in 724, with tanka.

やすみしし 我ご大君の 常宮と 仕へ奉れる 雜賀野ゆ そがひに見ゆる 沖つ島 淸き渚に 風吹けば 白波騷き 潮干れば 玉藻刈りつつ 神代よりしかぞ貴き 玉津島山

wago opokimi nö
tökömiya tö
sapigano yu
sögapi ni miyuru
oki tu sima
kiyoki nagisa ni
kaze fukeba
siranami sawaki
sipo pureba
tamamo karitutu
kamuyo yori
sika zö taputoki
My great lord:
From the eternal palace,
Wherein we serve,
On the field of Sahiga,
Looking back
At the isles far offshore:
Where on the fresh, clean shoreline
With the blowing of the wind,
Breakers roar
And with the ebbing of the tide,
They go cutting jewelled seaweed:
From the age of gods
An awesome,
Jewelled mountain isle.

MYS VI: 927



asipiki nö
yama ni mo no ni mo
satuya tabasami
sawakiteari miyu
Among leg-straining
Mountains and the fields, too,
His Majesty’s huntsmen,
Game-bows in hand,
Noisily advance-what a sight!

The ordering of the above poems is not known precisely. For the sake of convenience, they are presented in the order here.