Autumn III: 21

Left (Win).


tokete nenu
yumeji mo shimo ni
mazu shiru mono wa
katashiki no sode
Falling into sleep
Even my dreams are with frost
Filled, and
First to know it are
My lonely sleeves…

Lord Sada’ie.




aki no no no
chigusa no iro mo
kare’aenu ni
tsuyu okikomuru
yowa no hatsujimo
The autumn fields
Myriad hues
Cannot be completely covered
When drenched with dew,
First frost at midnight.

The Provisional Master of the Empress’ Household Office.


The Right state that the Left’s poem is ‘difficult to understand completely’ [tashikani kokoroegatashi]. The Left find no fault with the Right’s poem.

Shunzei’s judgement: The Left’s ‘even my dreams are with frost’ (yumeji mo shimo ni) sounds pleasant [yoroshiku kikoehaberu]. The Right’s ‘drenched with dew’ (tsuyu okikomuru) is elegant in configuration [sugata wa yū ni kikoehaberu], but it is unclear: is it dew turned to frost being drenched by dew? The Left must win.

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