Love III: 30


wa ga koi wa
furuno no michi no
iku akikaze ni
tsuyu koborekinu
My love is as
The path to Furuno through
The bamboo groves:
With the coming of the autumn winds
An endless fall of dewdrops.

Lord Ari’ie.


koi someshi
kokoro wa itsu zo
miyako no oku no
yūgure no sora
When did this love
First touch my soul?
The ancient
Capital’s heart, gazing
At the evening skies.


The Right wonder with it sounds appropriate for the Left’s poem to end with kinu. The Left say that the Right’s ‘Capital’s heart’ (miyako no oku) is a vague expression.

In judgement: ‘The faults of both poems this round are so minor as not to be worth criticism. The Left’s ‘path to Furuno through the bamboo groves’ (furuno no michi no osasawara) followed with ‘the coming of the autumn winds an endless fall of dewdrops’ (iku aki kaze ni tsuyu koborekinu) sounds particularly fine [yoroshiku koso kikoe]. I wonder whether the Right’s ‘ancient’ (Isonokami) followed by ‘capital’s heart’ (miyako no oku) is really that vague? People who make such criticisms must not read poetry in the same way as this old fool. What a sad situation this is! However, the round is a good tie.’

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