Summer II: 12

Left (Win).


sode no uchi ni
nakaba kakururu
ōgi koso
made idehatenu
tsuki to miekere
Within my sleeve
A half-concealed
The barely risen
Moon to me recalls.

Lord Suetsune.




chirinishi hana o
tazuneba ya
ōgi zo kaze no
yadori narikeru
I resent it, yet upon
The fallen blossoms
Would I pay a call;
Within my fan, the breeze
Has made its lodging.



The Right find that the Left’s poem, ‘seems to have no problems,’ while the Left state that the Right’s is ‘extremely good.’

Shunzei judges, ‘The Left’s poem displays a fine use of expression. The Right’s poem is redolent the Kokinshu poem “Breeze’s lodging – Does anyone know it? Tell me! For I would go and curse it!”, but refers to already fallen blossoms. The gentlemen of the Left have pronounced the Right’s poem fine, but I feel the Left must win.’

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