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KKS V: 272

In the same reign, at a chrysanthemum contest, a miniature beach was constructed and poems attached to the chrysanthemums planted upon it. The miniature was modelled upon the beach at Fukiage [Gusting], and when the chrysanthemums had been planted, he composed:


aki kaze no
Fukiage ni tateru
shiragiku Fa
Fana ka aranu ka
nami no yosuru ka
The Autumn wind
Gusting: here stand
White chrysanthemums-
Are they blooms? Or, are they not?
Merely waves breaking on the shore.

Sugawara [no Michizane]

KKS V: 271

A poem from the poetry competition held by Her Majesty, the Empress, in the Kanpyô period.


uFesi toki
Fana matidowo ni
arisi kiku
uturoFu aki ni
aFamu to ya misi
From planting time
Did I eagerly await
These chrysanthemums here:
That they would fade with autumn’s passing
Did I think it then…

Ōe no Chisato

KKS V: 269

When he was commanded to compose a poem upon chrysanthemums, during the Kanpyō period.


Fisakata no
kumo no uFe nite
miru kiku Fa
ama tu Fosi to zo
Far distant,
The clouds: being above them
Do I see chrysanthemums
From the stars of Heaven


It is said he composed this poem on being summoned into the Courtiers’ Room, before having permission to be there.

KKS V: 276

Composed at a time he was thinking of how piteous was the world of men, and saw a chrysanthemum flower.


aki no kiku
niFoFu kagiri Fa
Fana yori saki to
siranu wa ga mi wo
Chrysanthemums in Autumn:
While they shine
I’ll wear them in my hair,
For sooner than the flowers’
May come my ending.


KKS V: 273

Composed on a picture of a man making his way through chrysanthemums, going to a wizard’s palace in the moutains.


nurete Fosu
yamadi no kiku no
tuyu no ma ni
itu ka titose wo
ware Fa Fenikemu
Drying myself, drenched
On mountain paths with chrysanthemum
Dewfall, in an instant
Somehow did a thousand years
Pass me by?

The Monk Sosei

KKS V: 268

A poem tied to a chrysanthemum before it was planted in someone’s garden.


uwe si uweba
aki naki toki ya
Fana koso tirame
ne saFe kareme ya
If well planted,
And Autumn came not
Would it still bloom-of course, it would!
And the flowers scatter
Were it to wither to the root?

Ariwara no Narihira