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SKKS XVI: 1441

On the bush warbler.


tani fukami
haru no hikari no
yuki ni tsutsumeru
uguisu no koe
Deep within this valley
The light of spring
Comes late, so
‘Tis buried ‘neath the snow:
The bush-warbler’s song.

The Suga Posthumous Grand Minister [Sugawara no Michizane]

SIS XVI: 1006

When he was sent into exile, he gazed at the plum blossom at his house.


koti fukaba
niFoFi wokoseyo
mume no Fana
aruzi nasi tote
Faru wo wasuru na
Should the east winds blow,
Carry me the fragrance
Of plum blossom;
And though your lord is gone,
Never forget the springtime.

The Posthumous Grand Minister [Sugawara no Michizane]

SIS VI: 351

Sent back after he was sent into exile.


kimi ga sumu
yado no kozuwe no
yukuyuku to
kakururu made ni
kaFeri misi Fa ya
My lady lives
In the house beyond those treetops;
As I went along,
’ Til they were quite gone from sight
Did I backwards turn my gaze.

The Posthumous Grand Minister, [Sugawara no Michizane].

GSS II: 57

When going to a place far distant from his home, he garlanded some cherry blossoms from his garden.


nusi wo wasurenu
mono naraba
Fukikomu kaze ni
kotodute Fa seyo
O, cherry blossoms,
Do not forget your master;
If such you are, then
With the gusting wind,
Send me a word.

The Minister of the Right, Sugawara [no Michizane] (845-903)

KKS IX: 420

When the Suzakuin (Retired Emperor Uda) travelled to Nara, he composed this at Tamuke Mountain.


kono tabi Fa
nusa mo toriaFezu
tamuke yama
momidi no nisiki
kami no manimani
On this journey
I cannot prepare woven headbands;
On Mount Tamuke
The scarlet leaves are brocades
For the gods, if they will have them.

Lord Sugawara [no Michizane]

KKS V: 272

In the same reign, at a chrysanthemum contest, a miniature beach was constructed and poems attached to the chrysanthemums planted upon it. The miniature was modelled upon the beach at Fukiage [Gusting], and when the chrysanthemums had been planted, he composed:


aki kaze no
Fukiage ni tateru
shiragiku Fa
Fana ka aranu ka
nami no yosuru ka
The Autumn wind
Gusting: here stand
White chrysanthemums-
Are they blooms? Or, are they not?
Merely waves breaking on the shore.

Sugawara [no Michizane]