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SKKS XIX: 1898

In the conception of the gods, when composing in a hundred poem sequence at the house of the Lay Priest and Former Regent and Grand Minister.


kasuga no no
odoro no michi no
mumore mizu
sue dani kami no
shirushi arawase
Lost under Kasuga Fields’
Overgrown trails are
Hidden waters–as am I, yet
To my posterity at least may the Gods
Give blessing.

Master of the Dowager Empress’ Household Office Toshinari

KKS XI: 478

When he had gone to the festival at the Kasuga shrine, he saw a woman who had gone there to look around; finding out where she lived, he sent this to her.


kasuga no no
yukima wo wakete
kusa no Fatuka ni
kimi Fa mo
In the fields of Kasuga
The fallen snow is parting,
Pushed aside
By new young shoots, as briefly
As I caught sight of you.

Mibu no Tadamine

KKS I: 17

A poem from a poetry contest held by Her Majesty, the Empress, in the Kanpyō period.


kasugano Fa
keFu Fa na yaki so
wakakusa no
tuma mo komoreri
ware mo komoreri
Kasuga Plain:
O, this day burn it not!
Young grass,
My wife is hidden there,
As, too, am I.