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SKKS I: 35

Composed on evening haze.


nago no umi no
kasumi no ma yori
iru hi o arau
oki tsu shiranami
At the sea at Nago
Between the hazy gaps
I gaze:
Bathed by the setting sun
Are the whitecaps in the offing.

The Gotokudaiji Minister of the Left
[Fujiwara no Sanesada 藤原実定]

SKKS IV: 288

A poem composed for a screen for the consort who entered the palace in the sixth year of Bunji (1190).


itsumo kiku
fumoto no sato to
kinō ni kawaru
yama oroshi no kaze
Ever does one hear it,
Dwelling at the mountain’s foot
I feel, yet
’ Tis changed since yesterday:
The wind storming down the mountain.

The Gotokudaiji Minister of the Left [Fujiwara no Sanesada](1139-1191)

SZS XX: 1264

Composed in the conception of the moon over a shrine, at the same poetry competition.


matu mono iFaba
mukasi mo kaku ya
sumi no e no tuki
The ancient
Pines-if only they could speak!
For I would ask,
Of old was it as bright:
The moon on Sumiyoshi Bay?

The Minister of the Right [Fujiwara no Sanesada]

SZS XI: 661

Composed as a Love poem, when he composed a hundred poem sequence.


Fito sirenu
ko no Fa no sita no
mumore midu
omoFu kokoro wo
kaki nagasaba ya
Unknown to all
Beneath the leaves upon the trees
Flows a secret spring-
The feelings within my heart
I spell out for you.

The Minister of the Right [Fujiwara no Sanesada]