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GSIS VI: 377

Composed when His Majesty’s gentlemen had gone to the River Ōi on the first day of the Tenth Month to compose poetry.

落ちつもる紅葉をみれば大井川井堰に秋もとまる なりけり

momidi wo mireba
iseki ni aki mo
tomaru narikeri
Fallen in piles are
The scarlet leaves – when I see them at
The River Ōi
The weirs and dams autumn
Have held in place…

Former Major Councillor Kintō

KYS VII: 375

Composed in the conception of Love at the poetry competition held at the house of Lord Saneyuki.


koFi wabite
osaFuru sode ya
namida no kaFa no
iseki naruramu
Grieving for love,
Are my wave-dashed sleeves
For this outflowing
River of tears
A dam, perhaps?

Fujiwara no Michitsune (1060?-?)