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Love I: 17

Left (Win).


tani fukami
haruka ni hito o
kiku no tsuyu
furenu tamoto yo
nani shioruran
Deep within the valley,
Of her, a distant
Word; no dew from the chrysanthemum
Has touched my sleeves, so
Why are they so damp?

A Servant Girl.




kimi o nomi
kokoro zukushi ni
kiku no ike
ii’idenu yori
sode zo nurenuru
Only you do
Fill the whole of my heart;
Word of the waters of Kiku Pond,
A mere mention and
My sleeves are soaked….

Lord Tsune’ie.


The Gentlemen of the Right state: the Left’s poem is without fault. The Gentlemen of the Left state: while the Right’s ‘Kiku Pond’ (kiku no ike) does have something novel about it, ‘a mere mention’ (ii’idenu) is pedestrian.

Shunzei’s judgement: The Left’s ‘chrysanthemum valley’ (kiku no tani) and the Right’s ‘chrysanthemum pond’ (kiku no ike) both along the same lines and seem to sound charming [okashiku koso kikoehaberumeredomo]; still, ‘no dew from the chrysanthemum has touched my sleeves’ (kiku no tsuyu furenu tamoto yo) seems a little more elegant to me now.

GSIS V: 351

In the Reign of Emperor Go-Reizei, the courtiers of Her Majesty, the Empress, composed on the topic of ‘enjoying chrysanthemums in the gardens’.


asa madaki
yaFe saku kiku no
kokonoFe ni
miyuru Fa simo no
okeba narikeri
Yet early in the morning
Upon the eight-fold blooming chrysanthemums,
A nine-fold layer
Can be seen: for frost
Has fallen upon them.

Minister of the Treasury, [Fujiwara no] Nagafusa (1030-1099)