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KKS II: 95

When he had gone to the northern hills to view the blossom, he sent this to the residence of the Un’rin-in Prince.[1]


iza keFu Fa
Faru no yamabe ni
kurenaba nage no
Fana no kage ka Fa
So, on this day
Into the springtime mountains
Let us tread!
For even should dusk fall, brief
Would the blossoms glow be? Surely not!


[1] Imperial Prince Tsuneyasu 常康親王 (?-869), the seventh son of Emperor Ninmyō.

KKS II: 81

Composed on seeing cherry blossom flowing along the stream in the grounds of the Palace of the Crown Prince.


eda yori mo
ada ni tirinisi
Fana nareba
otitemo midu no
awa to koso nare
From the branch
Have simply scattered
These blossoms, so they are
Fallen, yet the waters’
Foam have they become.

Sugano no Takayo

KKS I: 52

When he was in the presence of the Somedono Empress[1] and, seeing that Her Majesty had placed some cherry blossom in a vase, he composed:


tosi Fureba
yoFaFi Fa oinu
sika Fa aredo
Fana wo si mireba
mono’omoFi mo nasi
The years have passed, and
Aged I have become;
That is so, and yet
When these blossoms I see
Regrets have I not a one.

The Former Grand Minister[2]

[1] Fujiwara no Akirakeiko (Meishi) 藤原明子 (829-900). Daughter of Fujiwara no Yoshifusa, and consort of Emperor Montoku.

[2] Fujiwara no Yoshifusa 藤原良房 (804-872).